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Metalworking equipment and vacuum equipment for your making.

Microprecision materials processing.

Besides the fact that the workpieces are becoming smaller and smaller, increasing the precision required for their manufacture. This requires tools that are designed specifically for the production mikrodetaley that may meet the necessary stringent tolerances.
Ultrapretsizionnye machining centers KERN (Germany) has an outstanding precision characteristics can handle parts, dimensions and accuracy is measured in microns and fractions of microns.

DECKEL FP, FPS. Universal Classics milling.

Independent studies from different industries, confirms ultimate strength and quality of German production coupled with high precision in detail, universal high-precision milling and drilling machines FPS (Germany).

Dot peen marking.

The ideal solution in terms of marking issues in a production environment is marking equipment MARKATOR (Germany) with a wide range for any type of production from manual battery coders for small-scale production to desktop and embedded modules for high-volume labeling and mass production.

Vacuum equipment.

Periodically, each technologist faced with a situation where fixing the workpiece is not trivial. There are several basic types of parts, which mount on the machine each time requires considerable ingenuity. To solve these problems is ideal vacuum accessories VAC&FIX (Russia).
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