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The story of a Group of companies "Shtray" began in 2000, opening an export office in Munich (Germany) and head office in Moscow. Over the years we have become known in the Russian market as a reliable supplier of the best Metalworking equipment, machining centers, CNC tool, machine tooling, consumables and accessories of leading brands from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.

Our offices are located in Moscow (head office) and in Munich (Germany), located on the territory of our warehouses, where our firm is able to produce the shipment of products respectively on DDP, CIP, ExW and other terms.
On the head office in Moscow is the service center. Specialists of the center carry out commissioning, training and maintenance of all equipment supplied by our company in all regions of Russia. They undergo regular training at manufacturers in Europe.

History in numbers


the establishment of the Company Shtray, the beginning of deliveries of the metalcutting equipment with working processes.


exclusive dealer of unique ultraprecision machining centers KERN (KERN) KERN Microtechnik GmbH.


exclusive dealer ipodrip marking machines MARKATOR the company MARKATOR (Germany) capable of performing a variety of parts marking, marking of metals, steels with a hardness up to 63-66HRC, soft metals (aluminum, brass, copper, etc.), variety of plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, etc.


development and release to production of its own products — Vacuum tables and vacuum system fixing ВиФ(VAC&FIX) is intended for fastening on the desktop of the machine body parts, parts with thin walls and flat pieces of different materials: aluminium, non-ferrous alloys, graphite, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, steel, titanium and many others, for which the problematic use of conventional clamps. This product has passed relevant certification.


the beginning of deliveries to the Russian enterprises universal lathes DMT, firm DMT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (Germany).


exclusive dealer milling-engraving machines IMES, firm IMES-ICORE GmbH (Germany).


exclusive dealership agreement with a German firm FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH for supply of machines on the territory of Russia. German firm FPS known as a manufacturer formerly known universal milling machines DECKEL. Modern universal milling machines FPS is a further development of series machines DECKEL.


exclusive dealer universal lathes DMT, firm DMT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (Germany).


exclusive dealer precision gear cutting machines STRAUSAK, firm mikroverzahnungen STRAUSAK AG (Switzerland)


exclusive dealer heavy lathes WOHLENBERG, firm WOHLENBERG Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (Germany)


expanding the production base, increasing the company's staff, purchase of equipment, development and implementation of the technological cycle. The Company Shtray: Design office, Research laboratory, Production facility.


the beginning of the development and the launch of flowmeters mass Shtray-Mass.

Having a high knowledge of modern technology, domestic and foreign market of machines, equipment, tools, and equipment, the specialists of group of companies "Shtray" will help You to Orient in huge assortment of the goods offered in mechanical engineering and instrumentation for measuring mass and volumetric flow of liquids and gases, their number, density and temperature. Full production, tooling and service support in the supply of products makes the group of companies "Shtray" the perfect partner for those who use in its production the latest technological solutions in the field of machining.


Since its inception, the group of companies "Shtray" actively participates in the international specialized exhibitions taking place across the country.







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