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FPS 500M/500M hydro

FPS 500M/500M hydro
Producer: FPS
Universal high-precision milling and drilling machine

Model: FPS 500M/500M hydro
Table size, mm:800x420
Max. table load, kg:400
Positioning accuracy, mm0,005
X-axis, mm500
Y-axis, mm350
Z-axis, mm400

Due to vast possibilities of the company FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has developed and put into operation a new high-quality, universal milling and drilling machines. Differing from many prototypes of high precision, durability and reliability, with optional vertical and horizontal milling spindle, long service life and maximum manageability.
The maximum configuration flexibility allows the use of machines FPS in almost all areas of industry, technical institutes and universities, training centers and enterprises.

Фрезерный станок FPS 500M Фрезерный станок FPS 500M Фрезерный станок FPS 500M
• Horizontally sliding movable quill 150 mm along the axis Y, to increase the working area 500x500mm.

• In addition to manually movable vertical spindle

• The milling head is hinged at 180 ° for quick and easy retrofitting machine.

• FPS 500M - internal spindle taper ISO40 DIN 69871 with a manual system for tightening the M16.

• FPS 500M hydro - internal spindle taper ISO40 DIN 69871 with hydromechanical clamping tools DIN 69872 or (optional) DIN 2080.

  • 500 FPS and FPS500hydro can be equipped with optional hinged splash guard for a safe operation.
  • Easy to maintain accommodation units, all important units are in direct access. Automatic central lubrication for all axes and vertical milling head.
  • FPS 500M has an 18 speed transmission, 16 spindle speeds for optimal installation speed and cutting speed. With the torsion cruel precision drive the maximum power on the milling spindle.
  • Vertical and horizontal spindle mounted on sturdy thrust bearings.

Price: by request

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ModelFPS 500M/500M hydro
Working zone
X-axis, mm500
Y-axis, mm350
Z-axis, mm400
Table size, mm800x420
Макс. рабочая площадь по осям X/Y, mm500 х 500
Увеличение перемещения по оси Y, mm150
T-пазы: количество/ширина/высота, mm9 / 12Н7 / 45
Вертикальное увеличение пиноли шпинделя, mm80
Поворот вертикальной головки, deg±90° (180°)
Max. table load, kg400
Оборот маховика, ось Х, mm4,0
Оборот маховика, ось Z/Y, mm2,5
Скорость подачи X/Y/Z, mm/min5 - 500
Ускоренный ход X/Y/Z, mm/min1200
CNC System
CNC SystemFPS Aktiv 3-осевая
Positioning, mm±0,005
Мощность (40% / 100%)3,7 / 4,4
Speed range, rpm25-2500
Диапазон скоростей21
Tool magazine capacityM16 / DIN 69872 (штревель)
Length, mm2230
Width, mm2230
Height, mm1960
MACHINE WEIGHT, kgок. 1500
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