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Vacuum Grid Tables

Vacuum Grid Tables
Producer: V&F(ВиФ)
Vacuum Grid Tables
Vacuum Grid Tables used for clamping simple-shape workpieces.
Vacuum Grid Tables

[img:resh1 m.jpg|left]
Plate working sufrace is made as a grooved grid. A loop of vacuum sealing cord is laid into the grooves along the workpiece perimeter producing a closed chamber. The workpiece is laid over the sealing cord loop pressed against plate end thrust collar. When vacuum is produced, the workpiece is tightly attached to the plate.

Vacuum Grid Tables are available in modular configuration.
[img:resh.modulnost m.jpg]

[img:chert.resh m.jpg]

Options (grid)Application
Cooling and lubricating fluid is allowed+
Cut-through operations -
Modular design+
Machining of foil-
Customer design available+

ArticleDescriptionа, mmb, mmс, mmWeight, kg
000-101-023Modular Grid Plate20030032,57
000-101-024Modular Grid Plate20040032,5 9,5
000-101-033Modular Grid Plate30030032,5 9,5
000-101-034Modular Grid Plate30040032,5 15
000-101-035Modular Grid Plate3005004019
000-101-046Modular Grid Plate4006004025
000-101-069Modular Grid Plate6009004060

Price: от 42 000 руб. с учетом НДС

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