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Combined vacuum table

Combined vacuum table
Producer: V&F(ВиФ)
Combined vacuum tables

This type of vacuum clamping device equipped with Rebar Mats produces vacuum in the numerous chambers between a flat workpiece and rubber frame thus allowing cut-through machining (openings cutting, one-set perimeter machining).

Combined vacuum tables

Rebar Mats design makes it possible to produce vacuum in multiple chambers between the workpiece and rubber frame. This allows cut-through machining (openings cutting, gaping, one-set perimeter machinin, etc.). The frames are of standard size 300x200x2.42 mm and considered consumables to be replaces as far as it wears.

[img:plata vakmat mm.jpg|left] [img:chert.vacmat m.jpg]

Combined vacuum tables are available in modular design
[img:vavmat.mod m.jpg]

Cooling and lubricating fluid is allowed+
Cut-through operations +
Modular design+
Machining of foil-
Customer design available+

- Combined vacuum tables may be aggregated to any required area with vacuum maintained by fittings.
- Combined vacuum tables modular plates are made of high-strength aluminium. Suctomer steel configurations are available.

NoArticle NoTypeDimensions a, b, c, mm:Weight, kg
I000-103-023Combined vacuum tables 200х300х32.55
II000-103-034Combined vacuum tables300х400х32.510
III000-103-046Combined vacuum tables400х600х32.520

Price: by request

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