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Rebar Mats VAC-MAT

Rebar Mats VAC-MAT
Producer: V&F(ВиФ)
Reinforcing cage are the consumables for сombined vacuum tables.
Reinforcing cage is a system of numerous suction chambers with protruded central opening in each one of them.
Suitable for cut-through operations.

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Article No. Type Size (L*W*H), mm
ВРМ-BLU-2030 Reinforcing cage BLU (blue), flexible 200х300х2,42
ВРМ-GRN-2030 Reinforcing cage GRN (green), medium rigid 200х300х2,42
ВРМ-GRY-2030 Reinforcing cage GRY (grey), heat-resistant 200х300х2,42

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