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Reinforced Vacuum Hose

Reinforced Vacuum Hose
Producer: V&F(ВиФ)
Reinforced Vacuum Hose

Durable reinforced vacuum hose.

Reinforced Vacuum Hose

Durable reinforced vacuum hose is used to transport pumped medium in vacuum system.

Article No. Type, OD/ID, mm
000-201-812Vacuum Hose Ø18/12
000-202-518Vacuum Hose Ø 25/18
000-203-425Vacuum Hose Ø34/25
000-204-032Vacuum Hose Ø40/32
000-206-050Vacuum Hose Ø60/50

Vacuum Hose

SHTRAY Company manufactures VAC&FIX vacuum fixtures «VAC&FIX» for workpiece clamping. We have succeeded in establishing channels of supply of consumables and accessories, for our vacuum fixtures all over Russia. Among other, we offer a range of reinforced vacuum hoses.

Scope of Application

Reinforced vacuum hose is a flexible polymer tube with walls reinforced with a steel cord or textile thread. It is used to transport pumped medium between elements in the vacuum system.


Reinforced tubes are made of soft polymer (silicone, PVC, etc.) to provide tight connection to inlet or outlet adapter. Fixed with adjustable metal clamps the tubes ensure leakproof connection up to 8 Bar.


Flexibility. Reinforced vacuum hose preserves operation and working pressure even if twisted 180 ° without inner radius impeding.

Environmental Resistance. Reinforcement of polymer material makes the hose resistant to mechanical and weather impact: mechanical impacts, localized external pressure, twisting, temperature variation, etc.

Price: от 660,80 руб. с учетом НДС

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