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MV5 M50/80/120 ZE301XL

MV5 M50/80/120 ZE301XL Ручной иглоударный, ударно-точечный маркировочный станок
Producer: MARKATOR
CNC Hand-Operated Pneumatic Marking System

Marking area (x/y), mm:
MV5 M5050х25 / 50х45
MV5 M8080х25 / 80х45
MV5 M120120х25 / 120х45

  • Marking area (X/Y): 75х25 mm;
  • Drive: Pneumatic
  • Character height: 0,7-99,9 mm;
  • Weight: 4,5 kg

Hand-held dot peen marker

Ударно-точечный маркировочный станок MV5 M50/80/120The CNC hand-held marking system MV5 M75 is designed as a hand operated mobile marking equipment. It is ideal for the self sufficient marking of heavy, bulky and unmovable objects on site. Due to the compact construction and the ergonomic design it is extremely space-saving and very handy. The marking area is 75 x 25 mm.
With the high marking quality it is possible to mark finished products which are sensitive to pressure, thin-walled, laminated, hollow and arched. The hand marking system offers you an efficient, durable, gentle and quick marking of your work pieces. No matter which material – from synthetic materials through to hardened steel.
The marking system is equipped with a maintenance-free stylus and an unbreakable solid carbide marking pin which can be reground.
For the stationary use it is possible to fix the marking head optionally on a column frame. You just need to untack the handle and mount the marking head on the column frame.

Маркировка пластиковых деталей Ударно-точечная маркировка деталей, труб Ударно-точечная маркировка деталей, труб Маркировка пластиковых деталей

Central control unit MV5 ZE 301

The software of the central control unit MV5 ZE 301 XL is 100% operator prompted, clearly represented and well structured. It offers high flexibility
and comfort for fast creation of marking files. Due to the logical and selfexplanatory user surface, the user of the central control unit does not need
any programming skills. The software is available in several languages. Individual functions are protected by different password levels.
The coloured icons help to identify the different functions of the software and the preview function enables to check the created marking file directly on
the colour LC-display of the central control unit. Incorrect markings can be prevented.
Due to the big internal memory of the central control unit MV5 ZE 301 XL it is possible to save several hundred marking files, logos and fonts directly
on the controller. The substitutes time, date, auto-numbering, shift identification and wait time are included in the standard scope of supply. Many other software options are available. From the program package HPGL, which enables to mark logos, to the program package DMC which allows to mark a Data Matrix Code. The option PC-software XL CONTROL enables to create, modify and administer the marking files directly on the PC.

Ударно-точечная маркировка. Блок управления Ударно-точечная маркировка. Блок управления Ударно-точечная маркировка. Блок управления. Экран


Our marking systems are part of a consistent modular conception. They are expandable with different additional components. The development of the
central control unit MV5 ZE 301 XL was based on this consistent modular design system. Both the hand-held and table marking systems can be controlled
with this central control unit. The central control unit MV5 ZE 301 XL in the space-saving housing is equipped with integrated PC functions for the stand-alone use. The front panel integrates a colour LC-display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. This display shows all information at a glance.
The central control unit MV5 ZE 301 XL can be expanded by optional accessories, e.g. a rotating axis for marking round pieces. Also a USB-barcode scanner for an easy data transfer can be connected.


6 500 Евро с учетом НДС, для 50х25

7 828 Евро с учетом НДС, для 80х25

9 232 Евро с учетом НДС, для 120х25

as PDF

Marking field: 50х25 mm; 50х45 mm; 80х25 mm; 80х45 mm; 120х25 mm; 120х45 mm;
- Marking speed: 10 characters height of 5 mm for 5 seconds;
- Character height: 0.7 - 24.9 mm (0.1 mm pitch);
- Marking depth: 0.01 - 0.5 mm (depending on material and equipment);
- Markings on the plane of the circle: 0 - 360 °;
- Font Size: Standard (optional) PR41, PR3, DIN, NK;
- Marking on the periphery of rotating bodies: using the fourth axis and columns;
- Characters: any;
- Marking: paper, aluminum and steel to 66HRC;
- Force markings: adjustable;
- Possible differential curvature of up to 5 mm;
- Operating ambient temperature 0 to 50 ° C;
- Noise level: 78 dB (at 1 meter);
- Air Supply: 4.5-8 bar;
The software package "Comfort" (a package spec. features optional) [/ b]
- Double labeling;
- Simulator markings;
- Logos (graphics)
- Basing (search coordinates)
- Preview (with adjustments)
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