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MV5 M1/ZE301XL

MV5 M1/ZE301XL
Producer: MARKATOR
Hand-Operated Marking System MV5 M1/ZE301

Marking area (x/y), mm: 200х100

  • Marking area (X/Y): 200х100 mm;
  • Drive: Pneumatic
  • Character height: 0,7-99,9 mm;
  • Weight: 3,8 kg

Hand-held and combi dot peen markers

The flexible Combi marking systems MV5 MT0 (200x100 mm) are developed as a combination of a table and a hand held marking system. The marking head is equipped with a handheld and a robust start button. It works in all positions. A hoop guard against unintended operation is attached for safety reasons. Fixing the marking head to the column frame, you can adjust the height by the hand wheel on the column. The relative adjusted height is shown by a digital display.
The hand held marker can be mounted on individual supporting feet or prisms as fast and simple as to the column frame. The handheld must not be taken off. An optional prism stop provides superior gripping when marking round pieces. The marking head with high class guidance in connection with a combination of self-lubricating bearings is maintenance free. It offers optimal wear properties.

Price: 11 200 Евро с учетом НДС

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- Marking area (X / Y): 200 x 100 mm;
- Marking speed: stepless, depending on the height of the font;
- Character height: 0.7 to 99.9 mm;
- Marking depth: 0.02 to 0.4 mm depending on the material;
- Font: Cyrillic, DIN1451, GOST26.0008-85 (optional);
- Text: 0 ° to 359 °;
- Available characters: any (uppercase, lowercase, including special characters);
- Type of labeling: impact, spot;
- Permissible curvature of the surface: max. 3 mm (optionally up to 5 mm.)
- Frequency (oscillations needles): 300 Hz depending on the needle head and the material being marked;
- The noise level at idle at a distance of 1 meter: 78dB (A);
- Resolution of stepper motors: 0.05 mm;
- Operating temperature: 0 - 50 ° C;
- Air: 8 bar;
- Air flow: 0.4 to 0.7 N / L by 3 mm characters;
External Interfaces:
- 3 X USB-A (easy transfer of marking files, logos, fonts, and data from external sources (barcode scanner, etc.);
- 1 X USB-B: Connect to your PC, Channel-Ethernet;
Electrical parameters:
- Rated voltage: 230 V;
- Operating voltage: 90 - 264;
- Nominal frequency: 47 - 63 Hz;
- Rated current: max. 1.25 A;
- Built-in power supply: 24V / 2.5 24V DC / 0,5 A
- Digital Input / Output: 24V DC, + / - 20%
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