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MV5 T1

MV5 T1
Producer: MARKATOR
CNC Desktop Marking System

Marking area (x/y), mm: 200х100

  • Drive: pneumatic
  • Character height: 0.7 - 99.9 mm (0.1 mm pitch)

Dot peen marking systems MV5 T1

The retunable desktop marking system MV5 T1 is represented by marking ranges of 200x100 mm. High-pointing marking heads and self-lubricating guides do not require maintenance. The marking system is equipped with a maintenance-free reproducing element.
The carbide needle is protected against kinks and can be re-sharpened.
Massive table legs guarantee high stability. The height of the marking head is adjusted using the handwheel. Precise and uniform mechanical rotation prevents unnecessary rotation of the handle. Height adjustment is four times faster
than on ordinary fixing tables. The displayed height is displayed on the digital display of the rack mechanism. With two locking levers, the height is easily fixed. A high-quality cap protects the needle device from dust and prevents damage.

Price: 9 600 Евро с учетом НДС

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- Marking field: 200x100 mm;
- Marking speed: 10 characters 5 mm high in 5 sec;
- Symbol height: 0.7 - 99.9 mm (0.1 mm pitch);
- Marking depth: 0.02-0.4 mm (depending on material and configuration);
- The maximum height of the marked part (without supports) 295 mm;
- Marking on a plane in a circle: 0 - 360 °;
- Font: GOST26.008-85 (optional), DIN, NK;
- Marking along the circumference of the bodies of revolution: using the 4th axis (optional);
- Symbols: any;
- Management: ZE301XL ChPU system;
- Marking: paper, aluminum and steel up to 62HRC;
- Labeling force: adjustable;
- Permissible surface curvature drop up to 3 mm;
- Operating ambient temperature 0 to 50 ° C;
- Noise level: 78 dB (at a distance of 1 m);
- Air supply: 4.5-8 bar.
The software package "COMFORT" (a package of special functions, optionally):
double marking,
labeling simulator,
logos (graphic objects),
basing (coordinate search),
preview (with the ability to visually adjust the coordinates of the text on the plate),
automatic date (automatic marking of date, time in various formats),
auto series (marking the serial number in automatic mode),
password system,
interactive tips (rus.), etc.
Maximum height of the marked part (without turning the marking head): 300 mm;
Discretization of machine engines: 0.05 mm;
Interfaces: USB interface for connecting a PC, a synchronization line;
Air: 4.5 to max. 8 bar
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