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Producer: MARKATOR
Combined CNC marking system

Marking area (x/y), mm: 100х100

  • Drive: pneumatic
  • Character height: 0.7 - 99.9 mm (0.1 mm pitch)

Dot peen, portable and combination marking machines MV5 MT1

The reconfigurable combined marking machines MT0 (200x100 mm) can be used both with the use of a table, and as portable devices. The marking head is equipped with a held trigger button and a continuous action button.
Her work is carried out in any position. In order to ensure safety and prevent accidental operation, a safety collar is provided.
Height adjustment is carried out by a handwheel located on the rack after fixing the marking head on the frame rack.
The displayed height is displayed on the digital display of the rack mechanism. The manual marker with the help of an auxiliary stand or a triangular guide is easily and quickly mounted on a frame rack. Removing the handheld device is optional.
High-pointing marking heads and self-lubricating guides do not require maintenance. The system exhibits optimal wear behavior. Hand-held portable markers are also available.

Price: 13 900 Евро с учетом НДС

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- Marking field: 200x100 mm
- Marking speed: 10 signs 5 mm high in 5 seconds
- Symbol height: 0.7 - 99.9 mm (spacing 0.1 mm)
- Marking depth: 0.02- 0.5 mm (depending on material and configuration)
- Maximum height of the marked part (without supports): 302.5 mm
- Marking on the plane along the circumference: 0 - 360 °
- Font: GOST26.008-85, DIN, NK
- Marking along the circumference of the bodies of revolution: using the 4th axis (optional)
- Characters: capital and small letters, from 0... 9, signs/- _ < > () * = [] ;: # "° ^, etc.
- Marking: aluminium and steel up to 63HRC
- Marking force: adjustable
- Permissible surface curvature difference: up to 5 mm
- Operating ambient temperature: 0 up to 50 ° С
- Noise level: 78 dB (at a distance of 1 m)
- ZE301XL - with external central control unit
- Pressure: 4.5 to 8 bar
- Air consumption: 0.4 to 0.7 litres per 3 symbols
Electrical connection
- Rated operating voltage: 230 VAC
- Operating voltage range: 90 - 264 VAC
- Rated frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
- Rated current: max. 1.25 A
- Power without action: max. 26 W
- Integrated power supply: 24 VDC
- Digital input: 24 VDC with free potential
- Digital output: 24 V DC - 0.5 A
- External voltage for digital inputs and outputs: 24 V DC/- 20%
Available interfaces:
- 3xUSB -A: Easy transfer of label files, logos and fonts. Barcode data transfer, USB keyboard connection, USB port on front of central block1x
- Internet
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