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Marking Equipment

Since 2001 STRAY Company offers selection and delivery of metalwork equipment, machining centers, professional tools machine tools, andconsumables and spare parts for industrial machinery. Since then we have opened service department and now our experts and technitians are regularly trained at European manufacturers' sites. Among other equipment, we offer marking systems.

Scope of Application

Automated marking is a machine-aided method of putting graphics and characters (including programming and application of Data Matrix Code) over the Product surface for further identification, tracking and service. This technology of "permanent marking" may also serve protection of industrial products from counterfeit.

Automated marking machines mark characters, texts, digits, graphics, binary code Data Matrix (automatic programming ) over the Product surface with height compensation up to 5 mm: tubes, spheres, etc. Marking depth is not impeded by surface curvature and is constant (0.01 to 0.5 mm, depends on the material properties) over the entire marking range.

The following materials may be marked (including with Data Matrix Code):

Types of Marking Equipment

Handheld Marking Systems

Markator hand-held marking system consists of subordinate module 3.8 to 4.5 kg weight, without fixed connection with control station or with combined single-unit programming block and micropercussion mechanism. This type of marking systems may be used for marking (with text, logo or other graphics or Data Matrix Code) over large equipment items in confined space.

Desktop Marking Systems

This type of marking systems may be used for marking any industrial equipment. Desktop marking systems are used for marking small assembly units, housings or rotary bodies axially or in transverse direction as well as for production nameplates with product identification data.

Combined Marking Systems

Combined marking system contains two full-featured modules: desktop module and hand-held one. This systems are used in production processes when marking and Data Matrix coding must be applied to parts of different size.

Integrated Modules

This type of system is a fully functional machine in standard housing intended to be integrated into assembling lines (conveyor type). Integrated modules allow marking in any position. Markator marking systems require little meintenance, have enhanced protection against dust and dirt, thus may be used for marking texts, digits, logos and other graphics (including 2D Data Matrix) under hostile workshop environment

Scribe Marking Systems

This type of marking systems uses marking scriber which essentially is a diamond or carbide die. These systems are characterised by low marking noise (below 80 dB).

Scribe Marking Modules

These machines use die marking (scribing) method which makes marking process very fast (up to 10 char. in 4 sec.). Integrated marking systems are used for production in-line 2D Matrix marking.

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