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Industrial equipment

The supply of industrial equipment is another area of ​​the Strey group of companies to provide the client with the need for materials of various profiles: electrical products, pumps and valves, electric drives, specialized equipment, compressor equipment.

Thanks to our partners in Russia and Europe, we can find a solution for any industry, directly from official distributors and manufacturers.
Turning to the Strey group of companies you get a full range of services and a comprehensive offer for the supply of equipment with the best conditions.

The largest manufacturer of air compressors in Eastern Europe. Remeza brand air compressors are manufactured using reliable components from leading manufacturers.

Компрессора REMEZA.pdf

Sibir Power Electronics Plant specializes in the development and production of professional equipment for the thermal cutting of metal with a high level of reliability. Equipment for thermal cutting of metal can be used in almost any industry where they work with metal: in mechanical engineering and construction, for the manufacture of metal structures, parts, elements of ventilation systems, shelving, metal furniture, doors, etc.

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