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CNC machining centers by «SHTRAY»

Since 2001 Groupe of company «SHTRAY» has been selling metalworking equipment all over the Russian Federation. We can offer services on selection and supply of machines from Europe and Asia.


This type of CNC machining center is intended for machining rotating bodies by cutting (turning). We offer precision CNC machined by global brands Spinner, Trens, Hembrug BV etc.


These machines are used for machining flat and shaped surfaces, gear wheels, rotary bodies and other workpieces. They may have manual or CNC control.


This group comprises machining centers intended for three- and five-axis engraving of metal, wooden and other workpieces. We offer precision machines by I-MES.

Gear milling

We supply machining centers with CNC or without, by STRAUSAK, which allows precision finishing of small parts.

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