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For over 13 years SHTRAY Company has been selling metalworking machines, machining centers, cutting tools, accessories and spare parts. We offer direct supply of flat surface grinders, circular grinders and centerless grinders produced by world-known manufacturers TOS (Czech Republic) and WAGNER (Germany)

The grinders we offer are intended for finishing of a wide range of workpieces diverse in geometrics and weight. The price of metalworking equipment depends on options and specifications and thus it is possible to fix it after the machine specifications are agreed.


There are the following types of machines depending on their functions and capabilities:


Grinding equipment is supplied along with specifialized tools. . Depending on the technical task, this may be abrasive disks made of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, synthetic or natural diamonds.

To learn more about cost of the abrasive disks and place order on flat surface grinder, circular grinder or any other equipment you may call +7(495) 956-6800, +7(495) 737-7652 or visit us at the address, stated in the Contacts section

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