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Milling-Engraving machines IMES IMES Series Industry

GFV98/68 GFV138/108 GFV138/158 GFV138/248 GFV98/68 GFV138/108 GFV138/158 GFV138/248
Engraving Machines of Industrie GFV GFY Series

Table dimensions, mm:Depending on the type
X-axis, mmDepending on the type
Y-axis, mmDepending on the type
Z-axis, mmDepending on the type

Price: by request
GPV98/68 GPV138/108 GPV138/158 GPV138/248 GPV98/68 GPV138/108 GPV138/158 GPV138/248
Milling-Engraving machines of Industry GPY Series
Model: GPY 98/68x108 GPY 138/108x158

Table dimensions, mm:980/680x1080 1380/1080x1580
X-axis, mm980/980/1380/1380
Y-axis, mm680/1080/1080/1580
Z-axis, mm580/580/580/580

Price: by request
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