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Machine Accessories EROWA (Switzerland)

EROWA’s products are intended to standardize mechanical connections. Universal clamping system for all types of machines saves time on machine setup. With EROWA clamping devices you can accurately fix electrode or workpiece outside the machine and use adjusting factors to position it. Therefore machining program may be generated beforehand, increasing overall performance.

Automated clamping systems EROWA eliminate routine operations and enhance performance. They may be used with Machining centers (e.g. for tool changing purposes).

The entire product range of EROWA is aimed at improvement flexibility of manufacturing process.

Cut time of setup! Machine performance significantly improves by saving time on pallet setup and change;

Adjustability! Vises, clamps and any other devices when once adjusted to the system, may be used again and again in future without additional setup.

Urgent tasks - quickly! Now you can perform urgent tasks without delay. You need just a few seconds to fix the workpiece.

More space! Working space of machine is more rational if vertical or three-axis systems are used.
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