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Flat Mats for Grooved Plates

Flat interlaying rubber mats are the consumables for vacuum grooved plates. This interlaying rubber mats are used with grooved-type clamping devices only.
Flat reinforcing mats of 3 mm thick have high friction, suitable accuracy and provide for cut-through machining.

Article No.Type
000-203-322Flat reinforcing mat 200*200*3 mm
000-203-323Flat reinforcing mat 200*200*3 mm
000-203-334Flat reinforcing mat 300*400*3 mm
000-203-335Flat reinforcing mat 300*500*3 mm
000-203-346Flat reinforcing mat 400*600*3 mm
000-203-112Flat reinforcing mat 1200*1000*1 mm
000-203-113Flat reinforcing mat 1000*1300*1 mm
000-203-005Flat reinforcing mat 1200*1500*0.5 mm
000-203-205Flat reinforcing mat 1200*1000*0.5 mm
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