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Our Company has representative offices in Moscow (head office) and Munich (Germany). Each representative office owns storage facilities to enable DDP, CIP, ExW, or other terms of delivery. Addresses and routes are presented in the «Contacts»section.

  • Delivered Duty Paid, DDP

DDP terms require seller to supply goods after customs clearance without discharge at destination. The seller bears all costs and risks of transportation, including customs duty and other dues payment as applicable. Some costs (e.g., VAT) may be excluded from the seller’s responsibility if agreed between the seller and the customer and mentioned in purchase agreement.

  • Carriage and Insurance Paid to, CIP

These terms require seller to deliver goods to the contracting carrier. Selling company pays all costs of goods transportation to destination. In this case risks and additional expenses are born by the customer. According to CIP, the seller establishes sufficient damage or loss risk insurance for the entire term of transportation, i.e. the seller enters insurance agreement and pays necessary fees.


Under these terms, the seller’s responsibility is met when the goods are transferred to the customer at the seller’s enterprise of any other dispatching site (plant, storage yard, etc.). The seller has no responsibility for the goods shipping, transportation and customs clearance. All risks and costs of the goods transportation from the point of dispatch to the destination point are born by the customer. As the parties may agree, the seller may take responsibility for the goods shipping (to be mentioned in the purchase agreement).

SHTRAY Company supplies and delivers products to any city within Russia.

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