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Producer: MARKATOR Manfred Borries GmbH
Scribe Marking Systems MARKER VT0

Marking range VT0 (x/y), mm:100 x 100

  • Pneumatic drive
  • Symbol height, mm: 0.7-99.9
  • Step motor resolution, mm: 0.0125 with high marking quality

Table drawing marking machine VT0

The table marking machine is VT0 designed for engraving marking and is designed for a marking range of 100x100 mm. The system is characterized by high quality and low level of sound emission during operation. High precision linear guidance and running guides guarantee the highest positioning stability and ensure high stability of the marking head. The marking axes are moved by two brushless stepping motors.
The marking head does not require operational care and shows optimal behavior under wear conditions. Due to the pressure regulator of the pneumatic device, the adjustment of the applied force deviation is practically unlimited. The system is equipped with the most powerful engraving mechanism and diamond marking needle with low wear of 0.2 mm radius. The marking needle operates pneumatically. Depending on the application, customers can also order needles of other sizes with a different radius. The engraving mechanism does not require maintenance.

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- Marking field: 100х100 mm
- Marking speed: 10 signs 5 mm high in 5 seconds
- Symbol height: 0.7 - 99.9 mm (spacing 0.1 mm)
- Marking depth: 0.02- 0.5 mm (depending on material and configuration)
- Maximum height of the marked part (without supports): 302.5 mm
- Marking on the plane along the circumference: 0 - 360 °
- Font: GOST26.008-85, DIN, NK
- Marking along the circumference of the bodies of revolution: using the 4th axis (optional)
- Characters: capital and small letters, from 0... 9, signs/- _ < > () * = [] ;: # "° ^, etc.
- Marking: aluminium and steel up to 63HRC
- Marking force: adjustable
- Permissible surface curvature difference: up to 5 mm
- Operating ambient temperature: 0 up to 50 ° С
- Noise level: 78 dB (at a distance of 1 m)
- ZE301XL - with external central control unit
- Pressure: 4.5 to 8 bar
- Air consumption: 0.4 to 0.7 litres per 3 symbols
Electrical connection
- Rated operating voltage: 230 VAC
- Operating voltage range: 90 - 264 VAC
- Rated frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
- Rated current: max. 1.25 A
- Power without action: max. 26 W
- Integrated power supply: 24 VDC
- Digital input: 24 VDC with free potential
- Digital output: 24 V DC - 0.5 A
- External voltage for digital inputs and outputs: 24 V DC/- 20%
Available interfaces:
- 3xUSB -A: Easy transfer of label files, logos and fonts. Barcode data transfer, USB keyboard connection, USB port on front of central block1x
- Internet
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